Tulip Grips


Consuming responsibly is something we take seriously, and something we will continue to work on to operate as ethically and sustainably as possible. 

The wood we use for most of our holds is a fast growing hardwood called Tulipwood. It's grown and sourced largely in eastern USA and in Canada. It's a fair way, but we'll always try to source wood that has come by sea rather than by air, and the travel is balanced out somewhat by the timber requiring fewer resources to grow in the first place. 

Regardless of the species of wood we're purchasing, it will always be FSC certified timber sourced from responsibly managed forests. 

The principles followed by the FSC can be found here: FSC Principles (

Packaging is re-used wherever possible, so holds do come in all kinds of boxes of different shapes and sizes. Hopefully you will be able to reuse the packaging too! Any plastic packaging used to protect your holds such as bubblewrap is also reused and never purchased.

Shipping is currently largely with the UK Post Office service. However, we are aiming to move towards using DPD's carbon neutral shipping.

Our tools are powered by Octopus Energy and their 100% renewable energy. Perhaps one day we will be able to be fully self-sufficient-solar, but for now this is the best that we can do. 

Any suggestions for ways to improve are welcome!